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I tapered off it and during this phase the sexual problems were 80% better.New Data Presented on the Effect of Cymbalta(R) on Sexual Function in Depressed Patients Cymbalta and Lexapro(R) Compared in New Study, Presented at Major Medical Meeting.New Data Presented on the Effect of Cymbalta(R) on Sexual Function in Depressed Patients.

Females did not experience more sexual dysfunction on CYMBALTA than on placebo as measured.

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Cymbalta Withdrawal and Tapering Help. Cymbalta. sexual dysfunction and headaches were also commonly reported. Other names for Cymbalta are: (Duloxetine,.

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As this eMedTV resource explains, clinical studies have shown that there are potential sexual side effects of Cymbalta, such as erectile dysfunction and a decrease in.I read about a pilot study by psychiatrist Alan Jay Cohen at the University of California at San Francisco.

Common Questions and Answers about Effexor sexual dysfunction. effexor. There is a theory called Post SSRI sexual dysfunction.Cymbalta is used to treat major depressive disorder and general anxiety.

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In reply to Re: Cymbalta and Sexual Side effects, posted by John9999 on.Cymbalta medication may produce changes in patients sexual appetite.Duloxetine (Cymbalta). there was a higher rate of sexual dysfunction in men.

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Cymbalta Side Effects: drug regulatory warnings, studies and side effects reported to the FDA on the antidepressant Cymbalta.Learn about drug side effects and interactions for the drug Cymbalta (Duloxetine Hcl).Cymbalta which is more sex. but I was on Cymbalta and had no problems with my sex. a positive effect on sexual dysfunction.SEVERE WITHDRAWAL AFTER CYMBALTA USE The depression and anxiety drug Cymbalta has been linked to severe withdrawal side effects when patients.Treating sexual dysfunction associated with antidepressant medication is an important but relatively unexplored issue.In Treato you can find posts from all over the web from people who wrote about Cymbalta and Wellbutrin and Sexual Dysfunction.

It has none of the typical sexual dysfunction associated with SSRIs.Consumer Reports explores the Sexual Side Effects that many common drugs can cause.Every minute, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, someone starts their journey to be drug free or reduce current drug.Find a comprehensive guide to possible side effects when taking Cymbalta (Duloxetine Hcl) for Professionals, Patients, and Caregivers.

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Identifying sexual dysfunction associated with antidepressants is complicated by the fact that these or similar symptoms are also associated with depression.Find information about common, infrequent and rare side effects of Cymbalta oral.NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Among men with major depression, treatment with Cymbalta is associated with less worsening of sexual function than is treatment with.

The company does not make a slow weaning process easy because only two.Antidepressant-Induced Sexual Dysfunction and Its Management.

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Chew2e03 A Antidepressants SSRIs Another frequent complaint is that SSRIs and SNRIs (Cymbalta and Effexor) cause sexual dysfunction, including retarded ejaculation in.

As with many antidepressants, Cymbalta can cause sexual side effects.

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Cymbalta (Duloxetine), which is also sold under the brand names Duzela, Yentreve, Xeristar, and Ariclaim, is an SNRI (serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor).The Cymbalta Support Group is here for anyone looking for support while dealing with Cymbalta issues.Females did not experience more sexual dysfunction on Cymbalta than on placebo as measured by ASEX total score.

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Sexual functioning and quality of life in patients in remission from ...

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Most Cymbalta side effects occur when the patient first begins taking the drug, or when the dosage is increased.